social justice

Justice work is how we live our Unitarian Universalist principles and our theology in the world: it is the action that our words and hearts take in our communities. Justice is also the daily tasks that inform and transform our lives.

As minister, my most important role in justice work is supporting the spiritual lives of my congregants so they are inspired and renewed to continue this good work. This includes meaningful, soul-filling worship services, educational opportunities on issues of justice and oppression, and opportunities to create and foster community settings where spirits are buoyed by each other.

My experience in social justice is in organizing events (as an example: exploration around solitary confinement in the prison system that included a panel with two state senators) and with helping social justice groups discern direction, mission, and vision.

My role also means showing up for justice issues that matter to my community. I am a strong believer that small changes can make a huge impact. My local community and the issues it faces are important places to partner with my congregants as they work to make the world a just place.